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Frequently Asked Questions for Orangeries

Here are the most commonly asked questions about Orangeries from Premier - simply click on the questions listed below to reveal the answers.

If you have a question about our Orangeries not shown below, please contact us online or you can call us on 01691 773993 - our advice is free and without any obligation to buy.

  • Is an Orangery a lot more expensive than a conservatory?

    There is more work during the build process for our unique Orangeries, so they are a little bit more expensive than a typical conservatory.

    For example, there is more building work required, joinery for the internal lighting pelmet, lighting and plastering. 

    However, our Orangeries are designed to be a far more cost effective solution than what many other double glazing companies supply.

  • What is the difference between conservatories and Orangeries?

    The principal difference between an Orangery and a conservatory is that there is less glass and UPVC frames used in the construction of the Orangery than the conservatory.

    A conservatory in it’s typical form, primarily consists of fully glazed pvc frames and a translucent roof glazed with either polycarbonate or double glazed glass. Many conservatories are built on a brick dwarf wall with full height brick walls to one or more elevations.

    The modern Orangery tends to resemble a structure that is half conservatory and half brick built extension.

    One reason why people choose an Orangery is that the greater use of brick and less glass provides a greater sense of privacy and is often designed to provide the owners with an extra room - a kitchen or living room for example.

  • What types of Orangery roofs do you offer?

    We supply both glass and polycarbonate roofs to suit your individual requirements. Our glass roofs are solar controlled for maximum comfort in the summer and winter months.

  • Why can I not get a price for your Orangeries online?

    You won’t find Orangery prices on our website. Why? Because all Orangeries and services are bespoke - made especially for you by Conservatory Outlet in their hi-tec manufacturing plant based in Wakefield, Yorkshire. Some companies will quote approximate prices on their websites or in the local press, or even when you first speak to them. We cannot give you an approximate price online – it would be impossible to give you an accurate figure for a tailor-made Orangery. As such, any websites offering you a price online should be treated with caution as you may end up with a nasty surprise if you invite them round. We believe in providing you with a price tailored to your exact requirements and the Orangery designed to fit perfectly with your home.

  • When will your Orangery sales advisors be able to visit my home?

    Our sales advisors (design consultants) are able to visit you whenever your available including weekends and evenings at a time that suits you. You can book a home visit usually within 24 hours by calling 01691 773993. Or if you prefer you can book a free design consultation online. Simply take a moment entering the details on our 'Appointment Booking Form'. We will then contact you to arrange a visit to your home or in our Oswestry Showroom.

  • How long will the visit from your Orangery designer take?

    We usually advise at least 1 hour for the designer to take down all measurements and to discuss the various design options available to you.

  • Can you design a style of Orangery to suit my house?

    Yes,  every one of our Orangeries is designed to suit you and your home and can be personalised with a host of accessories, design features both inside and out. Our Orangeries are created using the very latest computer design software (CAD) to compliment every home in a range of colours ranging from white to natural looking woodgrain finishes.

  • Do we need Planning Permission for a new Orangery?

    Under new regulations that came into effect from 1 October 2008 adding a Orangery to your home is considered to be permitted development. In most cases you will not require planning permission for your Orangery under the present legislation, unless you are adding a Orangery to a house that has already been extended. Read more details on Planning Permission on our dedicated pages.

  • We have an odd shaped garden that slopes from the house, can we still have a Orangery?

    Yes - we probably can fit a tailor-made Orangery on sloping ground or awkward shaped gardens, there's always a solution and we can come up with several options for you to choose from. We suggest you speak to one of our sales consultants to discuss your own requirements fully.

    You can arrange a home or showroom appointment with our experience sales consultants by visiting our Free No-obligation Appointment form.

  • Our neighbours are not particularly friendly, can we protect our privacy in our Orangery?

    Orangeries can be made private by the thoughtful use of obscure glass or perfect fit blinds on the windows. We can even design your new Orangery to feature a solid wall on one side giving you total privacy.

    We suggest you speak to one of our sales consultants to discuss your requirements fully.

  • Do I need ventilation in my Orangery?

    Yes your Orangery will need to be ventilated. We will take care of this during the design process.

  • Will your builders be at our house every day?

    No. We have planned to build your Orangery base over about 10 days. We’ve also included some ‘contingency’ time so if anything unexpected crops up - like bad weather, we can deal with it without affecting the date we’ve promised to fit the windows, doors and roof on your Orangery base.

  • Can you give us a definite time for arriving on the first day?

    Unfortunately building is unpredictable, not least because we’re at the mercy of the British weather. However, our forward planning does mean delays are rare – but should the worst come to the worst, we’ll always keep you fully up-to-date.

  • I can’t be there when the builders arrive. What do I need to do and what do you need?

    Please call us and we will make all the arrangements before the day – our builders will need power, water and of course access to your garden, plus on some days to your home, if we are creating a new opening for your orangery.

  • Will you move my satellite cables when installing my Orangery?

    No, items like these need to be moved by specialists so you will need to arrange this yourself with the relevant company. The same applies to alarms, aerials, telephone wires, and sockets.

  • When will the plasterer and other trades arrive to finish my Orangery?

    They will know the date the roof is going on and will probably already have made an arrangement with you. If not, they will contact you directly.

  • How long will it take to fit the windows and roof to my Orangery?

    Usually only a day, if your Orangery is not too large or complex. Generally, Orangeries over 15 square metres in area will take a little longer. We’ll let you know well in advance how long it will take.

  • What about the electrician and plumber? When will they finish off in my Orangery?

    We will notify other tradesmen of the building dates. They will contact you directly to make arrangements to visit so there is no need to contact them or us, unless you anticipate a problem, in which case, please call your dedicated project co-ordinator.

  • Won’t my home be vulnerable before the Orangery is completed?

    No, if we are creating a new opening for your new Orangery, we will always make sure it is securely boarded up so your home will be safe. If you've already got patio doors or French doors, they can be kept locked as usual.

  • Will there be a lot of dust when building my Orangery?

    Compared with most building projects, No. However, if we need to knock through from the outside into your home, some dust and debris will result. Many people like to protect flooring with tough plastic and cover furnishings with dustsheets, as well as take down curtains. We recommend you do the same.

  • Will you keep plants and paving currently on the area were my Orangery is planned to be built?

    Yes, but please either move them safely out of the way before we arrive or let us know what you want to keep the very first day. Otherwise if you don’t move it yourself, we won’t know what’s for the skip and what’s not. Please bear in mind that we’re builders, not gardeners so you might like to move precious plants yourself!

  • Afterwards, will my Orangery be ready to use?

    Probably not, as there may be work to finish off. If this is the case, the fitters will go through a Quality Plan with you. Your Orangery may also need plastering, tiling and the electrics and plumbing finishing off.

  • Do we need to take time off work?

    Not necessarily, but if you are not planning to be at home, you need to make arrangements for power and water to be available.

  • What sort of things might need finishing in my Orangery?

    Quite often, nothing at all – other than your own plans for decoration. But sometimes we will have to wait for the plaster to dry before fitting skirting, for example. Other trades may need to finish up and your choice of flooring will need to be laid on top of the concrete.

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