Gable Conservatories

Gable Conservatories are authentic, elegant Edwardian glasshouses. A Gable Conservatory offers a light and airy design which makes splendid use of available space. Gable Conservatories take their inspiration from the traditional Edwardian style of conservatory. It has the ability to transform even the smallest of gardens, offering you all the space you need to substantially extend your home. Due to the manor of construction the enormous amount of natural light, provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The height of the Gable Conservatory also helps give an impression of spaciousness.

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  • Door Options
    Link conservatory and garden in style...

    Link conservatory and garden in style...

    • Once you get used to conservatory living it is difficult to want to spend your time anywhere else in the home. However, if you have a back garden on those hot, summer days the temptation to go outside will sometimes become too much which is when you will find a set of doors an invaluable part of the design. Flit between the differing environments at your leisure.

    • The very inclusion of a set of Bi-Folding doors will take your conservatory design to the next level as they are a remarkable door innovation, the likes of which many people will never have seen before. They consist of a number of elegant door leafs which fold and slide with such gracefulness and effortlessness that you will forever have the urge to put them into operation. Because of their unusual method of opening you can create all number of openings.

    • The spaciousness of your conservatory will remain intact throughout its entire life when you include Patio Doors in the design as they can be utilised to draw in the outside world. Leave them shut and the natural sunlight that transmits through the large glass panes will illuminate the interior to the extent that the structure will feel far roomier than it actually is so that you never feel squeezed for space.

    • There are few home improvements as sophisticated as neither a conservatory, nor a pair of French Doors so bringing the two together is a sure-fire winner. It’s hard to put your finger on it but the stylishness of both just bring out the best in one another with the amalgamation working perfectly. French Doors will prove just as precious as the frames, glazing and roof and they’ll bring it that bit closer to the garden.

  • Frame Options
    Note the difference in detailing between each frame option...

    Note the difference in detailing between each frame option...

    • The likelihood of your conservatory looking like any others in the neighbourhood is slim and that will predominantly be due to the type of frame used in the construction of the extension. You will most notice this when you see each design close up as the detailing between each frame features contrasting contours and dimensions which is what gives a frame its own individual character and persona.

    • There are thousands of examples of UPVC conservatories throughout the country and that’s because UPVC is brilliant in terms of thermal efficiency, durability and security. People also love it because it is weather resistant and therefore needs no care and attention e.g. repainting. No matter how much bad weather it is subjected to over the years all you will need to do to restore it back to its aesthetic best is give it a good wipe down with a cloth now and again.

    • Aluminium has fast began to rival UPVC as the material of choice for conservatory design as it is immensely strong and yet can still be moulded into even the slimmest of sightlines. Because of these slim sightlines it can accommodate significant large pieces of glass which means that more sunlight can get inside the structure than you would normally expect in a traditional conservatory. Few materials can match aluminium for reliability.

    • For a conservatory oozing with traditional charm you can’t help but be allured by a design constructed from original timber though what is sometimes forgotten is how much time and effort has to be exercised to keep timber in good condition. When in peak condition timber does look incredible and that’s why people still love it. We love it too which is why we created the Heritage range, a modern version of the 19th Century timber sash window that looks exactly like wood but has none of its downsides.

  • Roof Options
    A trusty reliable roof is a necessity...

    A trusty reliable roof is a necessity...

    • You can’t expect your conservatory to remain cool in summer and stay warm in winter if you fail to have a solid performing roof included in the design. We have three different roof options available at Premier which all offer fantastic energy efficiency so that you can use your conservatory at any time of the day and any time of the year. They are as follows; Polycarbonate roof, Glass roof and Solid roof.

    • Most conservatories contain a polycarbonate roof as it is a proven roofing solution and adept at keeping the internal temperature of a conservatory at the necessary level. It is supplied in sheets of 25mm and 35mm and works even more efficiently when you have foil inserts placed in the finished roof. It can also be finished in either clear, bronze or opal depending on which colours suits the overall structure best.

    • There’s no better place to admire the views at the rear of your house than inside a conservatory so why not add to the experience and stipulate a glass roof so that you can watch the world above your head as you lounge in luxury. You will find it so relaxing and therapeutic. To keep the sheen of the glass without having to go to the trouble of cleaning it make sure that you ask for self-cleaning glass which will do the job for you.

    • The thermal efficiency of a solid roof is just one of its many strong points. Another is how it closes you and your conservatory off from the surrounds as it aids privacy and prevents those who live around you from gaining a perfectly clear view of its interior. One thing that is noticeable upon the installation of a solid roof is the loss of some natural sunlight but this can be rectified by also including roof windows and spotlights.

  • Buying Guide
    No other company makes conservatory buying so easy...

    No other company makes conservatory buying so easy...

    • A well designed conservatory needs to be carefully thought out by both the customer and the company commissioned to put it together. Anyone who comes to us asking for a conservatory will be guided throughout the whole buying process by our top team of design and sales consultants who have lengthy experience in this area. Whilst you are part of this team effort we do everything we can to make the customer feel at ease and stress-free from start to end.

    • The positioning of the conservatory will determine at what point during the day it receives the most amount of sunlight and warmth. Only by visiting your home will we be able to judge whether this. Traditionally a conservatory facing north or east will feel at its brightest in the morning, with a south or west facing conservatory gaining most sunshine later in the day.

    • One of the things that most attracts people to the idea of owning a conservatory is its multi-purpose functionality. Householders use it for all sorts of reasons e.g. an additional living area, flamboyant dining room, home office, playroom for the kids. All you have to do is tell us your preference and we will create a design that meets your criteria, no matter how detailed or ambitious it may be. Nothing is beyond our capabilities so be bold.

    • A conservatory needs to be properly accessorised for it to work successfully for its owners and we have a vast selection of available accessories you can exploit. You may not know which accessories you need in which case a member of Premier will provide you with their well-informed options.

    • You rightly expect a brand new conservatory to outlast your stay in the home and we always do everything we can to ensure this. That’s why each conservatory bought carries a lengthy guarantee which covers you in the event of anything going wrong sometime in the future. It also mentions the possibility of some small remedial adjustments having to be made so give it a good read at the time of purchasing the product.

  • Planning
    Planning permission and building regulations...

    Planning permission and building regulations...

    Ignoring planning permission could prove a very costly mistake and leave you well out of pocket unnecessarily. This doesn’t need to be the case as Premier can find out what obligations need to be met and fashion a design accordingly. Flouting the guidelines could lead to you being forced to tear the design down so please be patient whilst we deal with such requirements.

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  • Colour Options
    • Black
      Black Black
    • White
      White White
    • Chartwell Green
      Chartwell Green
      Chartwell Green Chartwell Green
    • Cream
      Cream Cream
    • Green
      Green Green
    • Blue
      Blue Blue
    • Light Oak
      Light Oak
      Light Oak Light Oak
    • Rosewood
      Rosewood Rosewood
    • Rustic Cherry
      Rustic Cherry
      Rustic Cherry Rustic Cherry
    • White
      White White

    A colourful conservatory can do wonders for your home...

    For a conservatory to sit comfortably at your home you need to choose a finish for the structure that is complementary to the rest of the property. This isn’t something you should stress over as we have an extensive colour palette available that includes colours you never would have imagined were compatible with a home extension. You can however play it safe and opt for a classic white, cream, whitegrain or light oak, finishes that never fail.

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A Premier conservatory can offer you the space to relax, entertain or provide the additional room that a young family needs to grow. Designed to fit in with your lifestyle a conservatory can provide the additional space you are looking for - without the turmoil and expense of moving house. Whatever style you choose, conservatories are versatile additions to any home. They transform living space and are the ideal way to add the second living room, home office or dining area that you have always wanted.

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