Solid Roof for Bespoke Conservatories

A standard sized and shaped solid roof just won’t work with some orangery designs. Sometimes you have to custom craft a roof covering to fit on top of the structure and Premier is renowned for fulfilling all solid roof requests no matter how intricate and detailed they need to be. We can even produce a solid roof that encompasses added extras such as internal spotlights so that natural sunlight can readily get inside and illuminate the interior surrounds. Set us a challenge and we will come up with a solid roof that delivers in all respects.

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  • Product Range
    A solid tiled roof in a league of its own...

    A solid tiled roof in a league of its own...

    • If your old conservatory doesn’t get used as much as it used to be then there’s a good chance it’s because the energy efficiency inside has significantly dipped. The roof will likely be to blame so the simple solution is to replace it with a modern roof. A solid roof will have it back to its best in no time so much so that you will feel as though you have a brand new conservatory to enjoy.

    • A solid roof will come across in conversation when you are discussing your proposed conservatory design as it has proved itself as a reliable roofing option in countless types of home extension offerings. It can’t be beaten when it comes to thermal efficiency and it can be effortlessly integrated into even the most sophisticated of conservatories. The speed with which it can be installed is due to the many glazed facets you find in a conservatory and the lack of a standard roof wrapper and full height brick walls.

    • Orangeries new and old can have a solid roof included, even those that have a double-ended Edwardian configured design, in super quick time. The quality of a solid roof finish is one of its strongest distinguishing features as is when it’s put into position and excels at supply consistent energy efficiency. It can even be adapted to incorporate centre pivot windows and mounted spotlights which are there to aid you when in need of ventilation.

    • Conservatories and orangeries aren’t the only form of home extension that can take a solid roof as they have compatibility with other versions of home add-on. Whatever the type of extension choose between our lightweight tiles and lightweight slates which are equally resilient, pleasing on the eye and superb when it comes to promoting thermal efficiency indoors.

    • You might only spend a few short moments inside your porch each time you enter and exit the house but it should still feel warm and be energy efficient. This will only occur if the porch is covered with a solid roof and if you’ve yet to invest in one for your existing porch then we highly recommend that you do.

  • Features & Benefits
    Owning a Warm Roof provides countless benefits...

    Owning a Warm Roof provides countless benefits...

    • There would be very little wisdom in buying a conservatory if it proved unusable for certain parts of the year due to either getting too hot or cold. It needs to be insulated properly and will only be so if it has a roofing system attached to it that demonstrates such qualities. Our solid roofing system contains insulated plywood and a rigid insulation board to make this achievable.

    • Solid by name, solid by nature, that’s what you get when you buy a solid roof, solid performance, especially in terms of energy efficiency. Some people get a little concerned when they hear that some natural light disappears upon the installation of a solid roof but the windows and doors will still give the sun a pathway indoors.

    • Much time and effort was inputted when dreaming up the solid roof design as it would only appeal to homeowners if you were able to assimilate it into virtually any type of home extension. It has shown that it can indeed do that which is why solid roof replacement has grown at such a rapid pace.

    • The solid roof is prefabricated beforehand so that it can be fitted and installed in no time at all with little disruption caused at the recipient household. We will have been and gone from your home before you even know it.

  • Internal Finishes
    Choose between a timber or plasterboard internal finish...

    Choose between a timber or plasterboard internal finish...

    It’s a toss of a coin as to which of our two internal finishes you choose for your solid roof as they’re both a match for each other. Painted plasterboard tends to be preferred by those who want a classic traditional appearance but you can give the inside of the conservatory extra warmth by electing a timber clad finish. The very look of timber emits richness and creates a cosy feel which you will most notice during the winter months. To create a ‘cabin-style’ effect the added inclusion of a centre pivot timber roof window will pay off.

  • Roof Windows
    Select centre pivot windows to accompany your Solid Tiled Roof...

    Select centre pivot windows to accompany your Solid Tiled Roof...

    One of the first things we tell customers contemplating a solid roof installation is that they will lose some natural sunlight. However, this isn’t something to stress over as all you need to do to bring the sun back in is include a couple of roof windows in the design. Doing so will also enable you to ventilate the space on those warm summer days and evenings so you have everything to gain from having them in the solid roof.

  • Roof Tile Options
    Our roof tiles share a similar durability to the real thing...

    Our roof tiles share a similar durability to the real thing...

    • So that our Warm Roof would be taken seriously as an alternative to a traditional roof system we have produced it in both lightweight tiles and lightweight slates. They both share an uncanny resemblance to the real thing but suffer with none of the downsides associated with genuine tiles and slates.

    • It can be extremely hard restoring traditional slate back to its original condition once it has started to crack and delaminate. The longer you go without doing anything, the more the problem escalates. We have come up with a solution by creating a lightweight slate that looks exactly the same in appearance and feel but suffers with none of the wear and tear. You can get it in finishes of stone, plum, pewter grey, brick red and black.

    • When your existing conservatory roof passes its peak you need to get it replaced with some immediacy and our lightweight tiles fit the bill. Not only do they provide excellent energy efficiency and take very little time to fit, they also come in finishes of green, red, charcoal, ebony and umber.

  • Tile Colours
    • Antique Red
      Antique Red
      Antique Red Antique Red
    • Burnt Umber
      Burnt Umber
      Burnt Umber Burnt Umber
    • Charcoal
      Charcoal Charcoal
    • Ebony
      Ebony Ebony
    • Green
      Green Green
    • Brick Red Slate
      Brick Red Slate
      Brick Red Slate Brick Red Slate
    • Chesnut Brown Slate
      Chesnut Brown Slate
      Chesnut Brown Slate Chesnut Brown Slate
    • Pewter Grey Slate
      Pewter Grey Slate
      Pewter Grey Slate Pewter Grey Slate
    • Plum Slate
      Plum Slate
      Plum Slate Plum Slate
    • Stone Black Slate
      Stone Black Slate
      Stone Black Slate Stone Black Slate

    Tiles that look good as well as perform outstandingly...

    Your new solid roof should look at ease with the rest of the home but will only do so if you choose a complementary finish. Premier has a selection of roof tile colours that are purposely designed to match the conventional colours you regularly see on the roofs of houses throughout the country.

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Solid Roof Conservatories & Orangeries

Rather than allow your conservatory or orangery to become redundant for a large portion of the year - Premier offer a Solid Tiled Roof design that is specially designed to make your conservatory or orangery usable all year round. Whatever the shape and size of the roof on your current conservatory or orangery, Premier can replace it with a custom made tiled roof that is guaranteed to make your conservatory or orangery more energy efficient and create a wonderful space that your family can enjoy.

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