An Extreme Solid Core Door takes door security to new heights and is as durable as will get anywhere.

Extreme Solid Core Doors are the only composite doors in existence that have sixteen layers of laminated timber and a 48mm solid core. Layering to this extent makes an Extreme Solid Core Door markedly stronger and more robust than every other variety of composite door being sold today. It also has features that you just won’t find in standard composite doors – that’s why it’s a market-leading design.

An ’Auto-Engage’ system is present within its design and the role of it is to automatically engage the door when it closes for super-strong compression and to see off the threat posed by thieves. There’s no sacrifice on style, which you will witness when you view our classic and contemporary designs.

Extreme Solid Core Door

Find a matching glass for your door design in our glazing range. Privacy could come into your decision-making and may determine if you opt for an ultra-modern pattern or something more traditional. The energy efficiency levels of our glazing are impressive, so they will keep your hallway warm and cosy, plus light will pass through the glass without any hindrance.

Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door
Solid Core Door features

Ignore any door company that tells you they have the industry’s strongest replacement door in their range – they don’t. That honour goes to our Solid Core Door.

It’s head and shoulders above competing doors for strength and in the style stakes too. A Solid Core Door can be customised in whatever way you want so that it seamlessly slots into your home and provides everything that you expect it to.

Solid Core Doors

Extreme Auto-Engage Lock

High-security multi point lock which engages automatically upon closing so no need to lift the handle to engage your door, which means no more draughts or cold spots.

Extreme Security

Exclusive snap secure technology with lockdown mode keeps intruders out, even when the key is in the lock. Multi point locking system with two additional shootbolts located at the top and bottom of the door for unrivalled security.

Extreme Strength

The interlocked sixteen layers of laminated timber make up 48mm of the Extreme Solid Core Door with multi directional grain. This means the has core has increased strength and rigidity.

Extreme Hardware

The Extreme hardware comes in a range of colours to suit your home; they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes. Including letterboxes, knockers and handles in a variety of colours to suit your home.

Extreme Glass

Available with a wide range of glazing styles, including obscure and decorative glass.
The Solid Core Door fulfills every criteria..

This unparalleled secure door is available in a sweeping choice of designs and colours, so you’ll find a solution that matches your property.

No standard foam-filled composite door comes close to an Extreme Solid Core door, not when a Solid Core design has no less than sixteen layers of laminated timber and a 48mm solid core. This multi-layering is where its strength comes from and how it helps to effectively repel unwanted attacks.

Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door


Exhibit your creative side and let your imagination run loose when you come to design your Solid Core Door. If you’re a fan of sleek designs, our aluminium offerings will be right up your street. Your advisor will also introduce you to the many cottage and classically-styled designs included in the range.

Don’t overlook the door handle…

It’s easy to get side-tracked and put too much emphasis on the colour and design when you should also focus on the handle for the door. The handle is far more than just something for opening and closing the door.

Extreme Solid Core Doors have a dedicated suite of handle solutions, and they will all finish off your design so brilliantly.

The hardware for the door is so imperative to everything…

Premier Windows has a hardware suite that features a massively eclectic and practical collection of door furniture. A matching letterplate for your Solid Core Door can really set it off and so could an urn-style door knocker. Our brushed Slam-Shut hardware will bring added security and style to the design.

A bow or bar handle is at the height of modern luxury, while the cottage-style cylinder pull is for those who are pure traditionalists. Either of the two will automatically lock once the door is closed so that you don’t have to be fearful of thieves making an unwelcome entry.


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