Premier Windows is the driving force behind the renaissance of the flush casement window with its Envisage range.

The Envisage window was born out of desire to create a contemporary version of the traditional flush casement window. We intricately copied the detailing of old flush casements, that’s why it has matching lines and proportions.

The opening lights also don’t overhang the frame, just like a classic flush casement. One main difference though is that Envisage doesn’t use a timber frame, because if it did, modern window performance standards, security levels and insulation expectations would not be met.

Oak Envisage Flush Windows

The adaptability of an Envisage flush casement window enables it to complement just about every home, heritage or ultra-modern.

Those finer details mustn’t be forgotten about, such as the hardware, otherwise the window will neither look the part or function as it should. Premier Windows has employed its full repertoire of crafting skills to fashion a wide selection of traditional and modern stays and handles.

Oak Envisage Flush Windows
Grey Envisage Flush Windows
About our Envisage Flush Windows

The Envisage flush window is a UPVC design that sets new standards in comfort and security and has a perfectly flush finish. Other competing window systems fail short of its multi-rounded qualities.

Several of the prominent features of an Envisage flush window are hidden within the design. Click the hotspots and they will tell you what they are.

Envisage Flush Window

Envisage Locking

Featuring our robust shootbolt envisage locking system, you can rest assured you Envisage window will keep you home and family protected from the threat of break-ins.

Envisage Glass

Draughts and cold spots are a thing of the past. We’ve used smart design and high-performance next generation glass to guarantee your warmth and comfort. So, all you need to worry about is which style and colour to choose.

Envisage Frame

Appealing to the perfectionist in you, the perfectly balanced symmetrical panes make for a clean, flush and minimalist finish. Multiple astragal bars allow you to create a design that’s ideally suited for traditional properties.

Envisage Hinge

Easy-clean Friction Stay Hinges with smooth operation and anti-crowbar technology to prevent would-be intruders from accessing your home.

Envisage Handles

Whether you’re matching handles to a modern new-build or a traditional cottage property, you’ll find the Envisage hardware range is well positioned to meet even the most unique of needs.
Slash your heating costs and save…

Our Envisage range has technology that we know will insulate your property far more effectively than your existing windows. The glass in Envisage has a clever coating and its purpose is to retain boiler heat and drive in warmth from the sun.

Envisage Flush Windows
Envisage Flush Windows
Envisage Flush Windows


To be honest, the colour, glazing and hardware are more than just small details as they have such a huge role to play in an Envisage flush window. Give our colour palette, glass, and door furniture a good looking over before you commit to anything.

Comfort will come from the window glazing…

The progression of window technology has led to it being possible to add coatings to glass that are just about invisible. The role of these coatings is to stimulate warmth and comfort. Gases and spacers are inserted into the sealed window units to ensure that the warmth generated by a boiler doesn’t go to waste and outdoor weather cannot get in. An advisor can steer you in the right direction when you come to select glazing for your windows.

Furnishing a window brings it to life…

For a window to operate as seamlessly as it should, it needs to be furnished with reliable hinges and handles. These pieces of window furniture will also establish the overall look of a window and can make your replacement windows a major focal point of your house. Give the hardware your full attention when you come to plan your design with Premier Windows.


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