Huge energy savings are there for the taking…
Make the leap to triple glazing…

By just looking at a double glazed window and triple glazed window, it’s difficult to notice any difference between the two products, but what you can’t see is the added glass pane that a triple glazed window has. The extra layer of glass helps to make it 60% more thermally efficient than standard ‘C’ rated double glazed windows.

This exceptional thermal efficiency can knock your energy bills down by a pleasing amount and give you back some of the money spent on your windows. We can convert any of our window styles into a triple glazed design.

White Extreme UPVC Windows
40% more thermally efficient than standard A-rated double glazed windows...

The finest A-rated windows don’t come close to matching or exceeding the thermal performance of triple glazing as they can offer around 40% better thermal efficiency. The soft coat glass in the triple glazed window will put a stop to heat loss occurring and keep more of the heat produced by your boiler inside.

No-one can predict what price levels energy will hit in the future, so it’s sensible to get ahead of the game and have triple glazing installed in the meantime. UPVC is the material used in the manufacturing of our triple glazed windows and it’s well known for its toughness, insulating properties and security.

Triple Glazing Windows
Your heating system can have more of a break…

For at least the next 10 years, triple glazing can bring about great energy savings and will take the onus off your heating to continuously keep your house warm. Any heat that comes out of your boiler will be trapped and stored by the windows, so there will be many occasions when you can turn it off completely and leave it to the windows to insulate your indoor surroundings.

It may even reach the point where the accumulated money savings made cover the cost of the windows. Energy costs are an unwelcome but necessary outlay, and it will be nice to know that you may not have to pay over the odds for the privilege of keeping warm at home.

Triple Glazing Windows
Cold, what cold? Draughts will disappear from your home…

Soon after the fitting of triple glazed windows, the internal temperature will feel noticeably different i.e., warmer, as the weather will not be able to penetrate its way through the glass, nor the frame. Any cold spots will no longer have a presence indoors.

It will be a much greener home too with the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels to heat the house and from this, a lower carbon footprint. We all have a responsibility to protect the planet and upgrading to triple glazed windows will show your commitment to doing just that.

Triple Glazing Windows
A thief will have to try and find their way past three glass panes as opposed to the two in a double glazed window…

That third glass pane could make all the difference should someone attempt to gain unauthorised access to your property. As an added obstacle for burglars to overcome, we internally glaze our triple glazed windows to eradicate any possibility of someone removing the glass from the outside of the building and fit the product with a multi-point lock.

You won’t need to be cautious about leaving your house empty because you can trust in our triple glazed windows to look after it for you.

Energy Efficient Windows


As a follow-up to choosing a window style, you then need to customise your new windows to match your home and your taste. This will involve picking a colour, along with the glazing and hardware.

An enchanting collection of colours…

We associate UPVC windows with a traditional white finish, but some householders are beginning to move away from that, preferring colours such as Olive Grey, Anthracite Grey, and Cream, as well as woodgrain effects like Rosewood and Light Oak. If you’re brave enough, you could even have a Dark Red finish. Ask an advisor to introduce you to the full colour palette to see the various available shades.

Our vibrant powder-coated aluminium finishes are fade-resistant, so they won’t lose their colour…

We get asked all the time what the formula is for creating our aluminium finishes and it’s an 11-stage powder-coating process. Strong paint adhesions are induced when we come to apply the finishes to the aluminium profile. Premier Windows can also provide you with an aluminium woodgrain finish and that requires a method called sublimation. You could easily confuse our Oak, Rosewood and Walnut effects for genuine woodgrains.

We’ve merged style with privacy…

The glass in an Extreme replacement window matters so much. It will have a bearing on visibility for instance, so it’s important that you know what amount of visibility you’d like. A clear glass will offer you an uninterrupted view, whilst privacy glazing is ideal for areas where you don’t want your privacy to be compromised. Get invaluable advice on glazing options from the Premier Windows team.

Privacy Glazing – Some window applications may necessitate the inclusion of privacy glazing so that places like bedrooms and bathrooms are kept secluded. It won’t cause any loss of light though as it will still force its way through, and we can supply it in our double and triple glazed window units.

Crafted with meticulous intricacy…

It’s a mammoth task to fashion our traditional and contemporary-styled handles, taking our craftspeople many hours of work and effort. You will see and feel the skill they’ve employed when you are presented with our hardware suite.

The locking system that’s cleverly integrated into the handle has a big role in keeping the windows secure.


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