Featuring solar control glazing, this replacement glass roof product is as strong and robust as you can get.
Return your living space to how it used to be

We’re glad to say that the old polycarbonate and glass roofs are less prevalent now than they were as they were a nightmare to clean, and their thermal qualities were poor.

Our aluminium roof structure couldn’t be any more contrasting as it barely needs any maintenance and does a fantastic job of retaining heat. The solar control glazing in the system is why it performs so effectively and is highly regarded.

The weather cannot negatively impact the condition of the roof or its performance as it has weather-proofing technology. Should you wish, we can insert self-cleaning or easy-clean glass to the roof so that it always looks at its best.

Replacement Glass Roofs
Glass look and feel…

Our glass roof has up-to-the-minute styling and will encourage natural light to make its way inside the conservatory. Not only does it look the part, but it will also provide you with a view that you won’t be able to help yourself from gazing at day after day.

Any lifeless space will be lifted and transformed by the installation of a glass roof, which will be turned into a light, airy room and one with exceptional temperature control.

Replacement Glass Roofs
With ‘Intelligent’ glazing you get a year-round space…

Plain Glass Roof – The main attributes of a traditional plain glass roof from Premier Windows is that it will maximise natural light and warmth and not just on sunny days. You will be left with an airy room and have superb solar control from the moment the roof has been installed. It has a modern look and the expanse of natural light that comes from it will make for a pleasant atmosphere. Looks aren’t everything though as the view is just as important and a glass roof won’t disappoint on that score. If your living space feels lifeless right now, it will feel anything but that once it has a glass roof. 

Blue Coloured Glass Roof – The purpose of the subtle blue tint is to establish a cool look and feel inside the space so that even in overcast conditions, you still benefit from a vibrant aerial view because of the tint enriching the sky’s natural tones. 


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Fitted With Simplicity

Our roofing products, just like all our other home enhancements, have to satisfy our internal service standards and come through numerous inspections before being made available to the public.

All builders and fitters that are employed by Premier Windows have gone through a vetting process to prove to us that they possess the skills to meet our high standards and can seamlessly install our roofing solutions.

Glass Roof Conservatory
Glass Roof Conservatory


It would be a delight to meet you in our Oswestry showroom, where we have a fantastic team of sales staff ready to assist you with your home improvement buying needs and take any questions.