Create a cosier, less noisy, and far more secure home by upgrading to double glazed windows…
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When you hear the word ‘windows’, double glazing immediately springs to mind as it’s very rare nowadays for homes not to at least have double glazed windows fitted to them.

The impressive thermal efficiency offered by a double glazed window emanates from the insulating cavity within the two glass panes, as well as the UPVC or aluminium profile and other essential components. We insist on supplying our double glazing A+ rating as standard to help you make great savings on energy.

White Extreme UPVC Windows
Style and comfort effortlessly combined…

For the highest performing double glazed windows on the market, Premier Windows is the place to come for them as we always supply them A+ energy rated as standard. They will provide superb solar control, harnessing the heat generated by the sun when your home needs it most, and restricting heat loss to a bare minimum so that you are assured of comfort throughout the entire year.

The clearest of views will be enjoyed due to the blend of performance glazing and a low-iron pane, whilst the specialist low-E coated glass will seize on the warmth of the sun and put a stop to heat leaking out of the house.

Cream UPVC Cottage Windows


UPVC still comes out on top in terms of it being the most popular window material for double glazed windows, but aluminium has wide appeal too and its rich powder-coated finishes.

Casement window will inject your home with heat and secure it…

Known for its practicality and stylishness, the casement window is simplicity itself and is a design that you can unconditionally rely on. A host of additional features can be added to the product that will boost the level of thermal performance it offers and counteract the weather outside.

You can also bolster the security of a casement window with different add-ons if you feel it will give you more contentment, and the highly engineered window frame will repel just about anything, that’s why our guarantee is so comprehensive.

Grey UPVC Casement Windows
The versatility of a tilt and turn window is unsurpassed…

One of the biggest selling points of a tilt and turn window is the wide opening you can generate with the product, great for when you want fresh air to travel into your living space. A single turn of the handle causes the top of the window to tilt inwards, and when turned some more, the entire window will open inwardly, very handy for cleaning it.

Feel as safe as houses in your home with tilt and turn windows that contain a multi-point lock, tough hinges, and a resilient A+ energy rated glass.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows
Draw the outdoors into your indoor environment…

A Bay or Bow window will be a noticeable presence at your home and the wealth of light that it pulls inside will give it a feeling of depth and spaciousness.

Premier Window has a team of craftspeople who are skilled enough to produce a Bay and Bow window design to fit any angle or curved aperture and will finish it in one of our colours or woodgrain effects. Like our casement windows, it will come with performance glazing and multi-chambered frames, so you can anticipate fantastic heat retention.

White UPVC Bay & Bow Windows
A faithful recreation of a Georgian classic…

Windows with Georgian bar detailing have so much charm about them and that’s what you get when you invest in our gorgeously charismatic cottage windows. Although they have a traditional aesthetic, they more than match up to modern expectations so far as performance is concerned.

The performance glazing will shield your space from the elements and resist the threat posed by burglars – further secure features are available.

Grey UPVC Cottage Windows
You’d never anticipate that so many coloured finishes are achievable…

White is a colour that just about everyone likes, however you are not compelled to choose it for your UPVC windows as our colour palette is incredibly broad and includes shades that cover the entire spectrum. We employ techniques that enable us to produce the most unconventional colours. In recent times, Grey and Irish Oak have gained a huge audience of fans, as has Chartwell Green.

The quality of our aluminium finishes makes them stand out…

We trialled a series of colouring processes for our aluminium window designs and found that an 11-stage powder-coating procedure generates the best results. When we follow this method, it causes strong paint adhesions to be induced and it’s this reaction that creates such a prominent, rich finish. For our aluminium woodgrains in Rosewood, Oak, and Walnut, we revert to the sublimation technique, which makes these woodgrains look incredibly timber-like.

A beautiful balance of privacy and style…

It pays to focus on your choice of glass when you are looking to change and upgrade your windows because it can have a significant impact on what the new windows offer. The visibility you wish to achieve may influence your thinking and could steer you down the road of selecting privacy glazing if you want to maintain privacy at your home. Otherwise, just go with a classic clear glass. Request the thoughts of an advisor if you have trouble deciding. 

Privacy Glazing – Your master bedroom or bathroom may be overlooked by other houses or in view of passers-by. What you need in these circumstances is the addition of privacy glazing to our new double or triple glazed window units so that it obscures their view and retains your seclusion. 


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