Heritage Windows

Those living in a traditional North Wales or Shropshire home will be anxious to ensure that the authentic character of their abode is sustained when replacing any old timber windows. On a separate note, some people, both in old and new-build properties, just crave the unquestionable beauty that timber provides. Both parties are catered for thanks to our Heritage Windows range; a collection that perfectly emulates that traditional sash timber window. You will struggle to believe that they are in fact created using a modern composite material such is their uncanny likeness to real wood.

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  • Double Glazing
    Double glazing is the minimum requirement in every home...

    Double glazing is the minimum requirement in every home...

    If you want a home that is energy efficient, secure, warm, insulated against external noise and aesthetically pleasing then you simply have to get double glazing installed. A further reason to have it is because it will cut the cost of those expensive energy bills by reducing heat loss and draughts permanently. The finishes applied to double glazed windows also need zero maintenance and can be left alone to see off the weather and ageing process with no slight on their performance. It is an absolute must as you’ll immediately reason once the fitting process has been concluded.

  • More About Heritage
    No other window imitates the styling of wooden windows so well...

    No other window imitates the styling of wooden windows so well...

    • Once ageing and the weather gets hold of wooden windows it really is the beginning of the end no matter how much maintenance you put in to restore them back to how they were. Cracking, fading and warping are just three common afflictions that occur in wood and they can have a significantly negative effect on the entire performance levels of the window. As a solution to those problems, we are able to supply you with our Heritage collection, a range of windows that look just like wood but contain none of the downsides you’d associate with wood.

    • A tremendous amount of time and effort has been inputted into the design and production of the Heritage range so that it displays all the best characteristics of a traditional wooden window. This includes a flush fitting of the sash, a hallmark of period windows. Householders and planners are obviously impressed by how good of an imitation it is as Heritage windows are regularly being installed in conservation areas, townhouses and cottages across the country.

  • Glazing Options
    A diverse choice when it comes to glazing...

    A diverse choice when it comes to glazing...

    • The glass included in your Heritage windows doesn’t necessarily have to be plain and as traditional as the frames of the design. You can have Energy Rated Glass inserted if one of your primary motives for replacing your windows is to cut the cost of energy. Astragal bars and leaded glass are further options for those wanting to give the windows greater depth and detailing.

    • We rely on our home for privacy and it can be frustrating when you fail to receive secluded living. To help try and shut you and your home off the from outside world somewhat check out the merits of using privacy glazing as it will limit what people can see when they try and look into your home. Don’t despair though, the natural light of the sun will still find its way through into your interior.

  • Buyers Guide
    We make window buying easy for customers...

    We make window buying easy for customers...

    • It is understandable why some homeowners may feel slightly intimidated at the prospect of replacing a set of windows that may have been installed at their home for quite some time. You have to find a new design that outperforms and outdoes its predecessor in terms of looks and it’s sometimes easier said than done. Premier sympathises which is why we do everything we can to point you in the right direction. It also helps that we have a vastly experienced team of design consultants who have a collective passion for all things window-related.

    • Advances in window technology has meant that window design and functionality has become far more sophisticated. You can now buy windows that slide vertically, open from the side or top and tilt and turn. The only way to decide which you prefer best is buy trying them all out at our showroom where we have several examples on display.

    • You can expect to be paying a fortune on your energy bills if your old windows are past their best and readily allow heat loss and draughts to occur. Until you get them replaced those bills are only likely to escalate further due to the rising cost of fuel. A new set of windows will immediately rectify the problem especially if you choose to have ‘A’ rated windows fitted as they offer the highest level of energy efficiency.

    • Windows play a pivotal role when it comes to home security. If they’re ill-equipped to deal with any potential break-in then you are putting all of your most precious belongings at risk. Security has been chief in our thoughts when producing all of our window designs as we have concentrated on making both the frame and glass incredibly durable and affixed a multi-point locking mechanism. We even supply ‘Secured by Design’ windows as approved by the Police.

    • We have great confidence in our window range and we want you to feel equally confident when you buy new windows from us. That’s why each window sold comes with a lengthy guarantee which covers you in the event of anything going wrong in the future. Within the guarantee it mentions that some small remedial adjustments may be required down the line so please give it a good read.

  • Authentic Colours
    • Silvered Oak
      Silvered Oak
      Silvered Oak Silvered Oak
    • Painswick
      Painswick Painswick
    • Irish Oak
      Irish Oak
      Irish Oak Irish Oak
    • Grained White
      Grained White
      Grained White Grained White
    • English Oak
      English Oak
      English Oak English Oak
    • Eclectic Grey
      Eclectic Grey
      Eclectic Grey Eclectic Grey
    • Cotswold Green
      Cotswold Green
      Cotswold Green Cotswold Green
    • Cotswold Biscuit
      Cotswold Biscuit
      Cotswold Biscuit Cotswold Biscuit
    • Corse Lawn
      Corse Lawn
      Corse Lawn Corse Lawn
    • Clotted Cream
      Clotted Cream
      Clotted Cream Clotted Cream
    • Black
      Black Black

    Authentic colour range...

    Traditional windows from the 19th Century were always painted and never stained which is why our replacement Heritage Windows are available in a range of traditional colours. You can mix popular colours, for example you can choose a Grained White finish externally but an English Oak finish internally. And why not consider matching the internal décor or make a decorative feature with your beautiful new window while maintaining the kerbside appeal.

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Replacement Windows

Premier Windows offer a fabulous selection of double glazing from casement windows, tilt & turn windows to the traditional sliding sash and georgian windows in a range of colours to suit your individual taste - plus you can choose our NEW triple glazed windows, offering maximum energy savings for you and your home. All windows are made with the highest quality UPVC - making your home warmer, quieter and totally secure. Our double glazed and triple glazed windows are one of the most energy efficient on the market.

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